salevilla 80 – Model B

villa 80 – Model B

Property ID: Villa 80 g, Duplex.
400 sqft561

Description: the villa is on The Northern 90s, on a field in front of the Lake View.

1- Ground Duplex with Basement (right) +100 meter garden gift.

2- Ground Duplex with Basement (left) +100 meter garden gift.

Payment facilities: Installment with 50% provided and 50% over 12 months.

Master Bedroom 3.9×5.33
Bedroom 13.6×3.55
Bedroom 23.9×3.83
Reception & Salon5.15×8.84
Bathroom 12.94×2
Bathroom 23.23×1.55
Private bathroom1.77×2.53
Clothes room1.04×2.53
Balcony 4.10×2.28
Payment methodImmediate & Installment
price (cash)3,600,000
price (Installment)3,850,000

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