Finishing Services

What distinguishes our finishing services is high-quality with high efficiency, we start this stage with specific organized steps not randomly, next I will explain these steps to you clearly:

Finishing Stages:

First: Electricity

  • Our company was founded in 1973. our core belief based on giving our customers their needs which are focused on quality, safety, and successful investment decision process, so that, we pick some of the talented employees with a high efficiency in all specialized fields that will meet your expectations.
  • Determine a load of a Circuit breaker for each floor according to villa’s needs. Also, you must know the power of your air conditioning because that will help in determining the load of the Circuit breaker.
  • The installation of the electric boxes and the electric meter without the Circuit breaker then air conditioning installation by its company.
  • The air conditioning company makes the installation of the pipes in the wall. Usually, the water will fall to the bathroom but at this stage, we will just leave it falling on the floor.
  • The place of the air conditioning electricity is required for the electrician’s job.

Second: Work Plumbing

  • The owner makes an agreement with the plumber before starting in work plumbing about the place of the washing machine, Jacuzzi and all the requirements of plumbing.
  • The electrician starts connecting the wires to the devices then the plumber extends the pipes into the bathroom and on the roof.

After finishing the electricity and work plumbing, now it’s time to equipment installation for doors which is made from iron. Then coordinating with the gas company to plan the gas line in the villa. At the same time, we work on entering the electricity to the villa.

Third: Plastering

  • We sign a contract with a plastering company and for clarifying everyone responsibility there must be a specific contract.
  • Cleaning the place before starting work.
  • Using plaster mesh for the walls. After this, doing wall splash and prefer using pure sands (without dust). After that, the walls are sprayed with water for at least one weak.
  • We start Plastering work from the top to the bottom. Now we tighten the thread on the wall in a particular way to produce a flat wall.

Fourth: Final Finishes of our Finishing Services

  • When we complete the work of plastering, we start in extending the mesh of sewage to the patio and connect it to the public sewage. After that, we work on water and heat insulation.
  • Installation of wall tiles and gypsum works and start connecting air conditioning drainage to the bathroom.
  • And finally, we start the work on floor tiles and do the work of water insulation. After that, the gas pipes are extended from the source outside the villa to each kitchen inside.
  • The installation of windows and doors which made of wood and iron all of that after painting and the lighting keys.
  • A specialized company in cleaning and organization villas and houses to clean the floors and other dirt.
  • At this stage, we start the installation of the Circuit breaker. After that, we extend the cable to the patio. Then, start decorating the facade of the villa with stones or granite or both of them.
  • Now, we prepare for engraving and conch work from inside and outside the villa.