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10 Points about The Importance Of Real Estate Investment

Next, I’ll Explain To You The Benefits Of Real Estate Investment And How To Become Close To Your Investment Decision Process?

Here We Will Give You A Simple 10 Points Of The Importance Of Real Estate Investment To Lead You Towards Making An Investment Decision Process:

1- Easy Start:

you don’t need a deep study to start real estate investment, really. Because when you see the price of the property is increasing, you will decide to invest in this field at the same moment, which has a huge profit.

2- Easy To Get Financing:

Real estate finance is the main part of bank deal. Because the bank interest on loans for real estate field is low with a high profit. The bank profit can reach 95%. And therefore, the number of the lender for real estate field will increase, and facilitate the process of borrowing for investment.

3- Investors Represent A Small Percentage Of The Market:

but, homeowners have the majority ratio of the market. So that, it will decrease the effect of fluctuation in the real estate market, which is a great advantage.

4- Price Flexibility:

Negotiation plays a major role in the buying and selling process. This is in contrast to the stock market, which are purchased at market price

5- Benefiting From Government Projects:

when the government develop the infrastructure and make new projects (hospitals and universities), it leads to higher prices of surrounding buildings which has a positive reflection on real estate investor.

6- Inheritance The Property For The Next Generations:

the benefit is not limited to those who invest at the present time but they will inherit for the next generations … and so on.

7- The Difficulty Of Searching For Stocks Doesn’t Exist In Real Estate Field:

investment in stock market needs a long research, experience, difficulties to resolve it and the opportunities to seize. This is in contrast to real estate research because there are many suitable properties on the internet.

8- Real Estate Market Stability:

the stock market is more fluctuation than the real estate market. Real estate investment is less susceptible to short-term speculation, due to the investment in any property requires efforts, research and the length of the period of negotiation.

9- The Possibility Of Using The Property:

anyone can decide to postpone the lease period if there is an urgent need for the property for a specific period. After that period you can decide to offer this property again to invest.

10- There Are Many Strategies For Investment:

1- Long-term capital growth: the profit rate is increasing particularly when you choose the right place, demand, and supply.

2- Positive cash flow: by choosing properties with high rental.

3- Increasing the value of ancient properties: through renewal it or change its usage.


After we have clarified the importance of investment in real estate.

Now I can assume that you became close to your investment decision process. Next, I will explain how to invest in our institution.

Our Investment Process

We divide any of our projects into stocks then release it in the market. after that the investors purchase it through us, then they receive an apartment or more on the basis of the number of stocks they had. Also, you can set a price less than the apartment price with a specific period of a profit rate of 20%:25% after the first 3 years in order to receive the apartment

Payment System

We have two types of payment system (immediate payment and payment by installments)

Immediate payment has a discount 10% of the total price. while payment by installments the investor pay 35% at the beginning, 15% over 6 months and 50% over a year and a half.

Villas Designs

Our company concerns the quality of the product that has been used in the building. Our apartment builds on a large space contains several floors and each floor divided into 2 flats with big gardens also we have the duplex. Our properties are distributed in several Upscale cities for instance new Egypt, Maadi, new Cairo, the 5th Settlement Compound and the administrative capital. Our villas contain remarkable modern designs to feel with relaxation, comfort, and pleasure.
We have all of your needs which makes you feel pleased such as a basement for all your administrative work or anything else that you want, Garage, Roof, private garden, elevator and pools, all of that is just for your rest and your luxury